Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) A Note on Industrial Conflict in British Columbia’s Construction Industry, 1976
(JOUR) Accreditation and the Construction Industry : Five Approaches to Countervailing Employer Power, 1973
(JOUR) An Analysis of Annual Turnover Rates for Canadian Union Presidents, 1977
(JOUR) Collective Bargaining in American Industry, 1988
(JOUR) Construction Labour Relations Association in Canada, 1977
(JOUR) Cyclical Instability in Residential Construction in Canada, 1977
(JOUR) From Uniformity to Diversity : Industrial Relations in Canada and the United States, 1994
(JOUR) From uniformity to diversity: industrial relations in Canada & the United States // Review, 1994
(JOUR) Outcomes of Bargaining Structures in the Ontario and Saskatchewan Construction Industries, 1986
(JOUR) Public Sector Bargaining: From Retrenchment to Consolidation, 2004
(BOOK) Public-Sector Labour Relations in an Era of Restraint and Restructuring, 2001
(JOUR) Reforming the Structure of Collective Bargaining: Lessons from the Construction Industry Prospects for Reform of Industrial Relations in the Ontario Broader Public Sector: Papers from the Workshop on the Drummond Report Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace, Queen's University, June 22, 2012, 2013
(JOUR) Regulating Flexibility: The Political Economy of Employment Standards, 2010
(JOUR) Robust Unionism. Innovations In The Labor Movement, 1992
(JOUR) Settlement rates and settlement stages in compulsory interest arbitration, 1996
(JOUR) Should Congress Pass the Employee Free Choice Act? Some Neighborly Advice, 2009
(CHAP) The Evolution of Teacher Bargaining in Ontario, 2012
(JOUR) The Paradox of American Unionism, 2004
(JOUR) The Structure and Growth of the Canadian National Unions, 1981
(JOUR) The assault on school teacher bargaining in Ontario, 2002
(JOUR) Union-Management Relations in Canada, 3rd edition, 1996
(JOUR) Unionism in Canada and the United States in the 21st century: The prospects for revival, 2001
(JOUR) Unions and the City: Negotiating Urban Change, 2018