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Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) "An umbrella full of holes?" Corporate Restructuring, Redundancy and the Effectiveness of ICE Regulations, 2009
(JOUR) "Heal Thyself:" Managing Health Care Reform, 2002
(JOUR) "If the Workers Took a Notion": The Right to Strike and American Political Development, 2007
(JOUR) "La participation des travailleurs à la vie de l'entreprise", 1949
(JOUR) "La participation". Enciclopedia de Dirreccion y Administracion de la Empresa, Fasciculo 82, 1986
(JOUR) "No Fault of thier Own". Unemployment and the Canadian Welfare State 1914-1940, 1984
(JOUR) "Progress-Sharing" can mean Industrial Peace, 1952
(JOUR) "Pulled Apart, Pushed Together": Diversity and Unity within the Congress of South African Trade Unions, 2004
(JOUR) "Remember Kirkland Lake" : The History and Effects of the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners' Strike 1941-42, 1984
(JOUR) "Rights, not Roses": Unions and the Rise of Working-Class Feminism, 1945-80, 2001
(JOUR) (R)évolution du management des ressources humaines. Des compétences aux capabilités, 2016
(JOUR) (Se) Former pour transformer le travail : dynamiques de constructions d'une analyse critique du travail, 2013
(JOUR) (Still) Up to No Good: Reconfiguring Worker Resistance and Misbehaviour in an Increasingly Unorganized World, 2012
(JOUR) 1978 : perspectives économiques et gestion sociale de l’entreprise, 1978
(JOUR) A Balanced and Broad Approach to Technological Innovations, 1968
(JOUR) A Behavioral Theory of the Firm, 1964
(JOUR) A Catastrophe Theory of Union Behaviour, 1985
(JOUR) A Comment on Roy J. Adams’ Proposal for a Training Levy Scheme, 1981
(JOUR) A Comparison of Contemporary Human Resource Management and Employment Relations Practices of Japanese and US Multinational Corporation Subsidiaries: Evidence from Four Countries, 2019
(JOUR) A Comparison of Wage Determination Methods in the Americas, 1976
(JOUR) A Comparison of Weighted and Unweighted Intergroup Climate Satisfaction Scores, 1973
(JOUR) A Comparison of the U.S. and Canadian Wage Adjustment Mechanisms : 1948-1967, 1974
(JOUR) A Countercyclical Training Programme for Canada, 1971
(JOUR) A Courageous and Successful Venture, 1949
(JOUR) A Critical Appraisal of the Economics Rationale of Government-Subsidized Manpower Training, 1970