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Updated: 2022-05-16
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(CHAP) Are We There Yet? The Struggle for Equity in Canadian Unions, 2009
(CHAP) Bargaining for Economic Equality: A Path to Union Renewal, Then and Now, 2009
(CHAP) Confronting Racism in the Canadian Labour Movement: An Intergenerational Assessment, 2009
(CHAP) Cross-Constituency Organizing: A Vehicle for Union Renewal, 2009
(CHAP) Developing a Conceptual Model of Equity Progress in Unions, 2009
(CHAP) Equity in Unions: Political Correctness or Necessity for Survival?, 2009
(CHAP) Gendering Union Renewal: Women's Contributions to Labour Movement Revitalization, 2009
(CHAP) Sites for Renewal: Women's Activism in Male-Dominated Unions in Australia, Canada, and the United States, 2009
(CHAP) Too Bad, You Were Too Late Coming In!, 2009
(BOOK) Unions, Equity, and the Path to Renewal, 2009